Chapter 22

Wine Tanks

Multi-Purpose Wine Tanks

Multi-purpose wine tanks are the jack-of-all-trades tanks. They can be used from the crush pad to the cellar as well as support barrel and bottling operations. This versatility means that many wineries forego specialized tanks entirely and only use multi-purpose tanks. Multi-purpose tanks are either stock, meaning that the tank is built to one of the manufacturer's existing off-the-shelf designs, or custom, which means the tank is built to the customer's specifications.

Jacketed Variable-Capacity Tanks

Jacketed variable-capacity wine tanks, also called fitted for lids (FFL) or variable capacity (VC) tanks, are multipurpose tanks that are open at the top with a floating lid. They can be used for fermentation of reds and whites and, when fitted with a solid lid and well-made inflatable bladder, can serve as bulk storage, bottling preparation, and even cold stability tanks. Stainless steel tanks are generally available in 500 (1,900L)to 3,000-gallon (14,000L) capacity.

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