Chapter 23

Winery Pumps

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Selection of a proper pump is important to efficient winery operation. Pumps can provide a winemaker with the ability to transfer the must from a de-stemmer/ crusher to the tank for fermentation. They can also be used for pump-overs in fermentation tanks to allow for color enhancement on red wines and provide a way to move the wine from the tank to barrels for maturation. Pumps are also used to move the wine to filters to remove sediment or solids and then to move the wine to the bottling line for packaging. Several factors need to be considered when choosing pump(s) for must, lees, juice, and wine transfer of which all vary in terms of viscosity and density. Usually, wine has a very low viscosity, whereas crushed grapes or grape must have a very high viscosity. Therefore, the choice of pump will depend on pumping requirements (i.e., what is being moved) as well as the distance and the height where a product needs to be transferred. Several other factors that also need to be considered which include: pump size and capacity, cost of operation, material of construction, and ease of cleaning, and maintenance. Certain pumps are better suited for specific pumping tasks, while some pumps are more versatile and can be used for pumping at any stage of the process.

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Topics Within This Chapter:

  • Pump Use in the Winery
  • Pumping Must
  • Press Pump
  • Pumping Over for Red Fermentations
  • Pumping Pomace from (Red) Fermentor to Press
  • Moving Lees
  • Moving Juice or Wine
  • Moving Marc, Pumping Pomace
  • Filling Barrels
  • Filtration
  • Bottling
  • Winery Pump Types and Uses
  • Centrifugal Pumps
  • Pump Cavitation
  • Positive Displacement Pumps
  • Diaphragm Pumps
  • Flexible Impeller Pumps
  • Elliptical Lobe Pumps
  • Peristaltic Pumps
  • Progressive Cavity Pumps
  • Rotary Lobe Pumps
  • Variable-Frequency Drive with Pumps
  • Winery Valves
  • Diaphragm Valves
  • Ball Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Flow Control Valves
  • Winery Hoses